Alright guys... I guess it took you some time to find out what you have been looking at all the time.
some things might have been an easy guess others were a little harder, isn't it?

So here you can take a look at the pictures and their explanations!
Just click on a picture to enlarge it in a new tab!

yours Johnny


WHAT?! #001... a snippet of my living room wall. since the windows were renewed the plaster is much rougher than it used to be.


WHAT?! #002... a segment of a shell from the mediterranean sea.


WHAT?! #003... NOT a marble surface! it is the thin skim that emerges on black tea after some time. after you pour out a cup, this skim cracks and looks a lot like marble.


WHAT?! #004... quite easy, isn't it? the structures of a really old and faded sponge (a wettex(R) to be more precise).


WHAT?! #005... a segment of my balcony handrail. it has been painted black for serveral times and for serveral times rust emerged and the paint comes out in blisters. also it is a little oily, what makes it gleam a little bit.


WHAT?! #006... the surface of a woman's handbag made out of faux leather.


WHAT?! #007... what comes out, if you put some water into a small glass bowl and put this into a freezer for some minutes.


WHAT?! #008...

...could be some sort of grass, at least some sort of artificial grass?! you could say so, yes! it's the small bristles of a green doormat.


WHAT?! #009...

...a single ply of a paper towel.


I hope you had as much fun guessing as I had during the photo session ;-] How many did you get right?